HorseWatch Scotland

The following is taken from the HorseWatch Scotland website as they can explain better than us what they do. We aim to log any items of interest relevant to the Central Region. Please also look at the Lost / Stolen page as any news items of that nature from HorseWatch will be recorded there.

HorseWatch Scotland is the eyes and ears of the equestrian community in our area working together with all Scottish Police Forces, gathering and sharing information to protect our property and our horses.

HorseWatch will be run entirely by volunteers and wherever possible there will be no charges for any of its services or facilities.

Its our aim to promote equine crime prevention and its official site contains information about stolen horses, horseboxes, trailers and tack as well as news, views and much more

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The following was received from HorseWatch Scotland on Monday 16th May 2011

We are receiving many reports regarding mane plaits and suspicious vehicles.

Local Police have commented that there has been a surge in vehicles prowling for scrap metal. They may ask if you have any to sell, they may not and will be trying to see what you have lying around. They may try to take metal gates and water troughs, so be alert.

There are various 'trains of thought' about mane plaiting;

  • Mane plaiting marks a horse for theft
  • They are just "wind tangles"
  • Kids have been "messing about"
  • They are plaited by pagans or witches as partof a ritual

We are not aware of any horses being stolen as a result of having their mains plaited But all strange occurrences should be taken seriously so we certainly do ask that you report them to the Police and if possible move the horses to a different field. It's also a very good idea to photograph the plaits before you remove them.

Generally horse thieves will have been watching your yard for some time and getting to know your routine, ie when you arrive, what you do and when you leave etc. It's good practise to try and stagger your visiting times and not always do the same thing.

The best way to protect your horse is by having him freeze marked, as this is a visible deterrent and instantly puts thieves off. Micro-chipping is also good, but obviously not immediately recognisable. Ensure all your tack and equipment is post coded (we can help with this, please ask), from your horse- box to your saddle, bridle, wheelbarrow and buckets. Thieves will take anything.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Horsewatch Scotland - details are on their website