For Sale, Loan or Let

This page is for you to advertise items that you no longer require or if you have a pony/horse for loan or space for additional liveries. You can also post a note if you are looking for a pony/horse.

Please note that this is for private sales/loans of horses only. No dealers please

The "small print" - items posted on this page are posted in good faith and is reliant on the honesty of the vendor/"loaner". Any "after sales" issues that may arise are solely between the vendor/"loaner" and the purchaser/"loanee". Finally, please advise us when the item/pony/horse has been purchased/loaned or livery taken up so that we can remove the advertisement.

Please supply the following when submitting an advertisement:

  • Full Name
  • Full Postal Address
  • Contact Details - Email, Home and/or mobile number

Please send an email to or by clicking here, together with full details, and I will post the item(s) on the noticeboard

Date Item(s) For Sale, Looking for Loan or Livery available Details of Item(s)